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In 2016, after being laid-off (which was a blessing) my wife and I began to write out the vision God had for us as a UNIT. We also made sure we had a mission statement as well as a clear reason on why we were going to be doing what we now do today. Though we had to make a couple of detours along the way, we still managed to stay on track.

During this transition, my wife and I both learned that we had gifts and talents laying dormant within us and that it was time to step out on FAITH. Now a whole year later we have seen God do things that if we tried to explain them people wouldn't believe us. But I believe we were able to see the unexplainable things in our marriage, family, and business because we kept our lense of faith over our eyes, and completely trusted God to supply all of our needs.

As an entrepreneur we've learned that you must remain teachable and open for certain changes. Also it's good to invest in yourself as well as your business. Learn how to perfect your craft and operate with excellence. Pay someone with more knowledge in the area you are in to become your mentor (check out their background first and foremost). But above everything I have mentioned keep God first in all that you do, and allow Him to become the very foundation you begin to build on.

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